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Health Related Information on Sphynx


Over Vaccination is a real concern

Recent research has shown "vaccines intended to protect pets against Acute natural diseases are actually creating chronic conditions with features of the disease the vaccine was supposed to prevent. Whereas the natural virus would trigger a strong immune system response, the modified lab created virus (vaccines) doesn't elicit much of a reaction by the animals immune system. Instead, it creates chronic disease. Vaccines contain a number of toxic substances, including viruses, mutated bacteria, immune irritants, foreign proteins, and chemical preservatives. All of these toxins are delivered directly into the blood and lymph, bypassing the usual first line of defenses, including the skin,  mucus membrane, saliva and so forth. So not only is the virus in the vaccines unnatural, the way it enters a pets body is also very unnatural." -Dr. Richard Pitcairn.


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Vaccine Information 


FVR- includes rhinotracheitis and calcivirus - two viruses that account for most upper respiratory infections in cats. Symptoms include sneezing, coughing, nasal and ocular discharge, fever and loss of appetite. Vaccine does NOT prevent but lessens the severity of many symptoms.


Chlamydia- also known as pneumonitis this is a bacterial disease that causes symptoms like that of FVR: Sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, fever, nasal and ocular discharge, conjuctavitis. Vaccine does NOT prevent but lessens the severity of many symptoms.


Panleukopenia- also known as feline distemper, it is a serious viral disease that is almost always fatal. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, low white blood cell count, and seizures. Effective vaccines WILL prevent this disease.


Rabies- an inflammatory infection that affects the brain and central nervous system with almost always a 100% mortality rate. The disease is characterized by extreme aggression, loss of coordination and paralysis. Effective vaccine WILL prevent disease. Ask for a 3 year vaccine. 


FeLV-feline leukemia- a cancerous disease that causes leukemia as well as other cancers and immunodeficiency. Indoor cats are at less than 1% risk, and vaccines have not been proven effective. Vaccine is NOT advised.


FIP- feline infectious peritonitis- a disease caused by a virus that appears in two manifestations- both of which are fatal. vaccines have NOT been proven effective and produce severe side effects. 

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