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Price List

Sphynx      $1500-3000

Elf.               $1700-3000

Bambino.  $2500-3700

Dwelf.        $2500-3700

Odd eyes add $700

Prices are decided due to skin color, eye color, ears, legs, and coat. Some Sphynx get a very minor peach fuzz where some can have patches, and some come sticky bald. At any given point a Sphynx can grow a little coat generally it is seasonal and with a short hair follicle it will pretty much wipe off. 


We have worked very hard on strengthening the breed by outcrossing with hearty hairy kitties. Breeds such as the munchkin, bob tail, highlander, and the wonderful domestic short hair. This has been 7+ years of raising healthy happy babies. Our kitties are raised in home with kids, dogs, other cats, and lots of love. They are very well socialized, come with age appropriate vaccines and deworming, they are microchipped, either spayed or neutered, they come with a kitten care pack, a month of free pet insurance, and lifetime of breeder support. 


Why our pricing is where it is, if you are going to make a lifetime commitment (15-20 years) and have gone through all of the information and set your deposit you are committing to a life long friend. Now to get your new friend here we have invested in the best bloodlines carrying the hairless gene, outcrossed for multiple years strengthening those genes, bred  only with the best conformation etc. we alter the kittens for you, we microchip them, we give age appropriate vaccines, we deworm them on a schedule, we scan our breeders for HCM yearly. We feed them for 12-16 weeks  depending on the kitten only the best hard and soft food for them, we buy toys, cat towers, heated boxes or heated kitty pods, not to mention the litter, litter boxes, and multiple other miscellaneous supplies for our friends. The many hours socializing and playing, litter training and cleaning. And the supplies to do it all. Everything goes back into the kitties and their home. We pride ourselves in having the happiest healthiest Velcro babies you can find in the north land.

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